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What We Do

In a nutshell we provide the resources to give the residents of Tatarai a life - as opposed to simply an existence. The state budget provides for the basics - shelter, warmth and food. But little more. Thanks to the work of the Tatarai Trust - and to those who worked at Tatarai in earlier years - there is much more to life there now.

In material terms, the Trust has made possible television, music, a choice of clothes and games. The Trust - or its trustees personally - buy wool, needle, threads, CDs, gardening equipment, repair needs for bicycles, coffee, posters, soap, shampoo and personal niceties that would otherwise be lacking. Every year, Andrea organises a Christmas party and every resident and staff member gets a present. She remembers every birthday and nobody misses out on a personal card from Mama Andrea. For those without family or parents, this is a huge gift.

In November 2005, the Trust signed a Convention with the authorities that regulate the country's homes for the adult handicapped. We did this because we feared that Tatarai could be in danger of closure without committed international support. It is in a rural spot and, bureaucratically, there would be advantages in moving all the residents to other urban accommodation. This would have destroyed them - there is a specialness to Tatarai that makes it home to them. Their lives have been hard enough without that.

Part of the Convention commits the Trust to a programme of education for the residents that want it. Their abilities vary widely, but all are capable of achievement, and all benefit immeasurably from the boost that they get from recognition of effort.

So far, there has been a successful course in cookery and kitchen management - certificates of achievement were awarded at the 2006 Christmas party.

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